Online Forex Trading

The forex market allows you to buy and sell currencies similar to how you would stocks or commoditities. Foreign exchange trading, or forex for short, is the largest market in the world involving over $2 trillion in daily trading volume . Forex, like commodities trading, is a regulated industry. Forex companies in the US need to be registered with the CFTC and are policed by the NFA. Learning more about this market can seem overwhelming to those new to currency trading, but with the right resources learning to trade forex online can be a lot easier. Online Forex Trading educational resources can be found several places like:

  • which has news articles, free charts and trading signals
  • FXCMEspanol has spanish language resources like free practice accounts
  • Forex Tools and reviews can also be found to help new traders find what is best for them
  • FXCM has English language forex resources

There are also several forex courses available from a variety of companies that teach you the basics of trading. We also offer a forex for beginners article that provides more details about how to get started trading forex online. Many traders often jump right into currency trading with a free forex practice account . From there, there are several free charting and news sources available. Remember, there is risk involved with forex trading and only descretionary income should ever be used.

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