Asian Traveling Series Part I China

                             Asian Traveling Series Part I China

                                 (1 Chinese Yuan = .129001 US)

How much money do you need when making a trip to China? Which places would you visit?...Presenting Asian Countries traveling series Part I, China.

If you have twelve days to visit China, how would you plan out your trip? And what could you estimate your expenses in China to be?  Fortunately, a Chinese friend of mine, provides me with all the valuable information I need before making my trip.

Among the places my friend recommends are Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzou, and Shanghai.  It has been known in China since ancient times.

“In heaven above there is paradise, on earth there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”

If you love to see and enjoy spectacular displays of nature, a visit to Shzhou and Hangzhou would be perfect.  My friend says that both cities are often subjects of Chinese literature, because of their prodigious beauty. For a tourist, exploring China’s proud capital Beijing is mandatory.  As capital for  the past eight hundred years, you would be walked on the legendary great wall, enjoying real Chinese delicacies and marveling at its imperial treasuries. Shanghai, the stylish metropolitan city, and China’s financial center will give you a different aspect of this country. You can enjoy the view of the flourishing city from one of the world’s tallest hotels; Oasis Skyway Garden Hotel.  It stands at a height of seven hundred forty two feet and was built in 2006.  Without visiting Beijin and Shanghai, one has not really seen China. There is no need to hesitate. Pack  your luggage, wave goodbye to your rusty place, and let’s get some fresh air.

Trip Summary

Day 1

Depart USA

Day 7




Trip Expenditure (Currency Calculation required, Click this for Currency Converter)

As of Feb 2007, 1 Chinese Yuan(s) = 0.129001 US

A bottle of  coke

2.5 Yuan =  32 Cents

Something very cheap in China, but expensive in U.S.A


Clothing especially silk, shoes, books, hair salon( full hair style with about 300 Yuan), and massage( full service with about 40 Yuan for 30 minutes)


Please, estimate your own expenditures based on currency exchange rates in the above table. It is very important for someone like me. Materially poor, but very rich in spirit!!!

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