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  • A Truly Global Market

    Jul 21, 2008 / 3:20pm / in Asia, Eastern Europe, Economics, General, Middle East, South Pacific, Forex News

    Many in recent years have pointed to a “global market” that has emerged in the past few decades. While this term is typically a reference to increased global trade and international economic cooperation, the expression is also becoming applicable to the status of the world’s economy. After several years of widespread economic boon, it is becoming clear that the status has shifted. This has occurred not solely in economic powerhouses such as the U.S., the Euro-Zone, and Great Britain, but in many of the emerging markets throughout the world.

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  • Aussie Clobbering Euro

    Oct 23, 2006 / 1:11pm / in Interest Rates, South Pacific, Western Europe, Forex News

    Over the past twenty days the Australian Dollar has advanced approximately 600 pips against the euro. The market is expecting Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens to raise rates above 6% compared to the the euro at 3.25%. Inflation has been higher than the 2-3% Mr. Stevens wants. Rises in commodity prices have also helped Australia as they export a great deal of metal and other raw materials.

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  • Kiwi hike again??

    Oct 18, 2006 / 1:22pm / in Interest Rates, South Pacific, Forex News

    One of the highest yielding currencies may hike rates yet again.  Over the the past thirty days the New Zealand Dollar has gained a whopping 500 pips against the Japanese Yen with speculation the new interest rate spread will be 7.25% ( Current yeilds: Yen .25% - NZD 7.25% with expectations to rise to 7.5%)

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  • Hawks help Kiwi spread its wings

    Sep 14, 2006 / 12:06pm / in South Pacific, Forex News

    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand keeps rates unchanged at 7.25% but Allan Bollard say “we are less confident that no further policy tightening will be required in this cycle”. The chart shown is the AUD/NZD plunging over the last five days from 1.1867 to 1.1365.

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