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  • Best Place to Lose Your Wallet

    Dec 6, 2012 / 11:22am / in International Travel, General

    Accidents happen, but knowing our chances of seeing missing items returned has always been useful. Readers Digest magazine conducted a global experiment of sorts to investigate what would happen to wallets if lost in different areas of the globe.  What did they do? Readers Digest editors “accidentally” dropped over 1100 wallets filled with approximately 50$ in local currency, along with contact numbers and family pictures in big cities and small towns around the U.S, in Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.

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  • Asian Traveling Series Part I China

    Dec 6, 2012 / 11:22am / in General

                                 Asian Traveling Series Part I China

                                     (1 Chinese Yuan = .129001 US)

    How much money do you need when making a trip to China? Which places would you visit?...Presenting Asian Countries traveling series Part I, China.

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  • ECB Outlook: It’s Time to Cut Interest Rates

    Aug 21, 2008 / 2:34pm / in Forex Trading, General, Forex News

    In the days leading up to the European Central Bank’s rate decision on July 3rd, 2008, many political leaders around Europe publically pleaded for the ECB to leave interest rates unchanged. Among others, French President Sarkozy voiced the opinion that the recent rise in inflation was due primarily to the spike in commodity prices.¹ As such, Sarkozy suggested that though hiking interest rates would not really help in lowering inflation, it would adversely impact growth.

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  • Peak Oil in the U.K.

    Aug 21, 2008 / 2:18pm / in General, Forex News

    The price of oil has dictated the dollars recent resurgence, but it has not been favorable to the pound. The United Kingdom is a net oil exporter; through North Sea oil fields that produce around 1.7 million barrels a day. A drop in the price of oil would hurt profit margins at some of Britain’s largest oil producers namely BP. On top of this North Sea oil production has stagnated in the past couple of years. Peak oil is a term used to describe how oil production retreats rapidly after achieving peak output extraction.

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  • The Cable

    Aug 20, 2008 / 3:33pm / in General, Forex News

    “It may still just be summer but there is a feeling of chill in the economic air. The British economy is going through a difficult and painful adjustment due to higher energy and commodity prices and in banking, credit and housing markets. This adjustment to our economy cannot be avoided and as a result, inflation is rising and growth is slowing."

                                                                            -Gov. King-

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  • Raising the White Flag

    Aug 13, 2008 / 3:56pm / in Eastern Europe, General, Interest Rates, News Releases, Western Europe, Forex News

    It is not easy for many to admit that they made an error. It seems the President Trichet might finally be starting to embark on that difficult path. After raising rates in the Euro-Zone over the protests of many top figures within that continent, Trichet finally admitted what the rest of the world had realized some time ago: the Euro-Zone’s growth prospects are weak. This announcement/confession reflects that the ECB is starting to question if it did the right thing in raising rates.

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  • The Dollars Resurgence

    Aug 13, 2008 / 3:43pm / in General, Forex News

    The Dollars resurgence can be attributed to a variety of factors European stagnation, oils collapse, or better yet Michael Phelps.The most important factor is that the USD is considered the lesser of two evils in regards to economic health.Governor King came out and expressed that the down side risks of recession outweighed the future risks of inflation.Hence the massive sell off of the Cable this morning across the board.The pound yen moved nearly 400 pips over night while the GBPUSD fell off a cliff because expectations were being priced in the market.However the Euro and the pound did no

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  • …More Calm Before the Storm

    Aug 6, 2008 / 4:06pm / in General, Forex News

    So a week ago, I wrote that the US Non-Farm Payrolls was the event “for all the marbles.” That was true, and we have seen the US Dollar continue its rally through this week largely on the back of that news. However, within the span of one hour tomorrow, there are two news events that are likely to have a similarly large impact. Tomorrow two of the largest central banks in the world are announcing their interest rate decisions.

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  • Australian Blues

    Aug 6, 2008 / 4:02pm / in General, Forex News

    The AUD has had a remarkable run for the past seven years, the AUD has appreciated from .48 to near parity over the past seven years. The commodity boom has been very beneficial to the Australian economy. Exports of iron and raw materials have caused the Aussie economy to boom. The global slowdown will definitely hurt demand for raw materials from the land down under due to there elasticity.

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  • Big Mac

    Aug 1, 2008 / 6:24am / in General, Forex News

    The theory of Purchasing Price Parity is hard to digest because of the fact that is so abstract and it does not apply non-tradable goods.PPP is a theory that states all goods will cost the same across borders, because if one country charges more then consumers will change their spending patterns.There are a number of assumptions perfect information, immediate capital flows, etc.The theory does have relevancy in the currency market, because it can help traders distinguish over valued currencies.The Big Mac index developed by the Economist magazine is a great way to explain the theory.Essenti

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