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  • US Dollar - Predicting the Future

    Jun 13, 2008 / 10:27am / in Canadian Dollar, Currency, Fundamental, News Releases, Forex News

    The surprising rally of the US Dollar this week has inevitably led to what seems like everyone and their niece predicting just how long it will last. My 10-year old niece doesn’t like the dollar, and though she’s a very bright girl, please note that she based her reasoning on the Canadian dollar looking a lot cooler than its American counterpart. Given that for several years the USD has done little but suffer, it’s of little surprise that few people are giving the greenback a chance.

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  • Globalization Causing Worldwide Inflation

    Jul 23, 2007 / 11:04am / in Americas, Asia, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Economics, Fundamental, Interest Rates, New Zealand Dollar, Oil, United States Dollar, Forex News

    Inflation has always been an important concern for currency analysts, if only because it has a direct relationship with interest rates.  Central banks have a mandate to keep inflation under control, and so signs of rising inflation indicate a strong currency.  But the new paradigm of an increasingly international economy could leave monetary policy makers impotent in the face of global inflationary surges.

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  • Commodity Currencies Rise on Dollar Weakness

    Jul 19, 2007 / 6:44am / in Americas, Asia, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Carry Trading, Interest Rates, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, United States Dollar, Forex News

    Commodity currencies have been beating up on the US dollar and the Japanese yen recently and yesterday was no different.  The Canadian dollar, the New Zealand dollar and the Australian dollar all hit new highs, an occurrence so common in that last couple of weeks that’s most traders simply yawned.  Some of the underlying support for these currencies comes from high commodity prices, especially oil and gold, of course.  But much of the gains should also be attributed to weakness in the US dollar and the yen carry trade.

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  • Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rates

    Jul 10, 2007 / 6:27am / in Canadian Dollar, Interest Rates, United States Dollar, Forex News

    You might have been expecting Patrick to talk about this one (he loves Canada), but he’s a little busy with China right.  So you got me.  The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate this morning to 4.50%, and the forex market…well the forex market basically yawned.  The USD/CAD pair did retract somewhat from the 30-year low hit yesterday, but the growth did not amount to much.  The loonie is still in a position of strength, and some currency analysts are even talking about

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  • Stagnant Economic Growth Hurts Canadian Dollar

    Jun 29, 2007 / 7:51am / in Canadian Dollar, General, Interest Rates, Forex News

    Reports in Canada showed unexpected zero economic growth for the month of April, the Canadian dollar came crashing down from a 30-year high. The Canadian currency dropped to 94.16 U.S. cents from yesterday’s 94.39. The zero growth report comes as a big surprise, for there had been a 0.3 percent increase in March. Investors have been betting on Canada’s Central Bank to increase interest rates in the attempt to lower the persistent inflation.

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  • Future Gains by the Canadian Dollar Uncertain

    Jun 26, 2007 / 9:29am / in Canadian Dollar, Forex Trading, General, Oil, Forex News

    The Canadian dollar reached a 30 year high at 94.79 U.S. cents. Even though it has fallen since, an increase is still possible after today’s U.S. government report showed a decrease in new home sales 930,000 in April to 915,000 in May.

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  • USD/CAD Sets New Highs

    Jan 4, 2007 / 8:57am / in Canadian Dollar, Forex Trading, Oil, Forex News

    We write about the USD/CAD again, this time after it did in fact breakout of the range as I mentioned in an earlier post.

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  • USD/CAD Pattern

    Dec 6, 2006 / 11:53am / in Canadian Dollar, Forex Trading, United States Dollar, Forex News

    USD/CAD channel

    The USD/CAD has been in a channel now since the end of August. We've seen it push the top channel line three times and it is now approaching the fourth.
    What's interesting is the similar pattern back in March for the EUR/USD. Remember when it broke out after the fourth time at the top channel line? This may remind you:

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  • Canadian Dollar Buckles for the First Time in Five Years? November Will Tell

    Oct 30, 2006 / 10:28am / in Americas, Canadian Dollar, United States Dollar, Forex News

    As November begins soon the United States Dollar (USD) bulls will attempt what hasn't done is five years.

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